Thursday, March 25, 2010

Masters awarded

I just recieved a call from my supervisor Tony Starkey. He just told me that I have passed my Masters! Wow, what a great feeling

Mixed Media Exhibition

I am currently preparing for an exhibition which opens at Artspace, 3 Millar Rd Durban, on the 29th March. It runs until the 17th April 2010. It is a collaborative exhbition between young artists who work within many art genres, fine art, graphic design etc. It is therefore aptly titled 'Mixed Media'.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New face of my blog

No longer an experimental site where I throw around ideas for my work. I have just begun teaching art at a school in Durban. So along with my own work I will be posting some of the interesting work that my students are busy with.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The final countdown

Wow, this year has really blown by in a whirl of creativity. My exhibition is due to be hung in a weeks time. That is a scary thought although I am ready for it and am anticipating seeing all my years of hard work hanging on the gallery walls. This is the work Fragmented (2009) which I have been dragging my heels with, but it is finally done.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Crazy week ~

This is a very amateur little creation of the small squares evolving into what I had hoped to be a recognisable image. However, the image is not at all clear and so I am having to rethink the format.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back in Time

As an artist working on my current exhibition, my M.Tech exhibition I get so wrapped up in my current work I tend to forget where I have come from in my exploration of the female body as subject matter. I recently re-discovered my B. Tech (2006 )work whilst researching for a chapter in my dissertation. It was so wonderful to re-engage myself with the work I did then as it gave me a fresh perspective on my current work. So I though I would post a few images from that exhibition.

Untitled Four (Perfume Ad) (2006)
Mixed Media on canvas (200 x 150cm)

Untitled Six (Everyday Placemats) (2006)
2 of 7 (20 x 30 cm)

Untitled Two (Summertime) (2006)
Mixed Media on canvas
140 x 60 cm

Untitled Three (Reclining Figure) (2006)
Mixed Media on canvas
30 x 120cm, 90 x 120cm

I have only just recently bought myself a copy of John Berger's Ways of Seeing (1972). What an interesting quick read! I thoroughly enjoyed his perspective on the theory of the male gaze and very pertinent to my dissertation.